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  • Grinding Steel Balls for Ball Mill buy wholesale - company ООО «Европодшипник» | Belarus
Grinding Steel Balls for Ball Mill buy wholesale - company ООО «Европодшипник» | Belarus
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Grinding steel balls for ball mills, GOST 7524-89

Grinding steel balls are manufactured by rolling the following hardness groups:


General Purpose Normal Hardness - 35-43 HRC

General Hardness - 38-49 HRC

High hardness for grinding ores of ferrous metals - 50-55 HRC

Particularly high hardness for grinding non-ferrous metal ores, cement and refractory materials - 55 HRC


Our factory produces steel balls of any diameter in the range from 1.588 mm to 100 mm according to the customer's request.

We offer grinding balls made of ShKh-15 steel, with a hardness of at least 62 - 67 HRC,

obtained by cold or hot heading with entangled fibers,

which increases the operational properties of the ball from 4 to 40 times.

The method of obtaining the workpiece: stamping, which ensures the correct arrangement of fibers in the metal, affecting the strength. As well as hardening on the surface, which provides good wear resistance.

Heat treatment (hardening) is carried out according to a special technology (two heating zones) with gentle gentle hardening in oil (which eliminates the formation of thermal cracks), followed by tempering (to relieve residual stresses), microstructure - structureless martensite + small excess carbides (1 and 2 points) )

The ball on the surface is shiny, the surface does not peel off, which ensures the purity of the processed products (it can be used in the food industry).

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