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Pickled Cucumbers buy wholesale - company ООО
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Cucumbers are the oldest vegetable crop that has been cultivated for about 6 thousand years. The homeland of cucumbers is India. And even today, there you can meet wild cucumbers, which, like creepers, wrap trees in the forests. And the fences of Indian villages are also braided by cucumbers. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks revered cucumbers. Doctors of ancient Greece attributed cucumbers an antipyretic effect. Not a single dinner of the Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius was complete without cucumbers, so they revered this vegetable. In the 1st century AD, cucumbers began to grow in China and Japan, where local residents gradually achieved the real art of growing them. They say that the greedy and cruel Turkish sultan Mohammed II once ordered to tear open the stomachs of seven of his courtiers to find out who ate one of the cucumbers sent to him as a present. At that time, cucumbers were very rare in Turkey.

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