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  • Flavored Coffee Beans  buy wholesale - company NivoTea | Russia
Flavored Coffee Beans  buy wholesale - company NivoTea | Russia
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Article: 10199

Description: Coffee with a unique aroma of Italian Amaretto liquor


English caramel

Article: 10201

Description: Velvety taste and rich Arabica aroma with a delicate shade of caramel


English cream

Article: 10202

Description: Arabica flavor with a touch of cream


Chocolate Orange

Article: 10203

Description: The combination of the taste of coffee with a touch of orange



Article: 10205

Description: Milk Caramel Flavored Coffee


Arribo (in cocoa powder)

Article: 10206

Description: Coffee with a chocolate shade imparted by cocoa powder


Chocolate banana

Article: 10207

Description: Banana and Chocolate Flavored Coffee


Banana paradise

Article: 10208

Description: Banana Flavored Coffee



Article: 10209

Description: The combination of a delicate aroma of coffee and liqueurs "Belliz", "Kalua", "Cointreau"


White chocolate

Article: 10214

Description: Coffee with the aroma of sweet white chocolate