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Negotiated Price

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Many people in our country can raise $10,000 to $20,000 with which it is not possible to establish an industry or a permanent & strong business ground.

Think about it, if 50 people like us bring $10,000, it will be $500,000, if we can bring $20,000, it will be $10,00,000. And $1000,000, We can own a well-established medium entrepreneurial establishment in this country for $1 Million. 

All those 50 Directors will form a company. The company is legally registered with the Joint Stock Registrar of Bangladesh as per the rules of formation of the company.

Company Name – Unison bd Limited (Assumed)

Entity Type - Private Company

Liabilities type: Limited by Share

Type of Business - Garment Factory / Real Estate / Import Export can be any potential business.

Director - 50 people.

1 Chairman (nominated)

1 Managing Director (Nominated)

The company will consist of 48 directors.

Paid up capital - $20,000

Authorized capital - $10,000,000

Number of shares - $ 100,000

The share price is  $100 each

Number of shares per director - 2000

Percentage -2%

The rules of management of the company will be mentioned in the “Memorandum of Association & Article of Association.”

According to the state law of Bangladesh, we are the directors of an established company.

The company will be governed by its own rules, not by anyone. The directors will receive dividends according to the company's profit and loss calculation at the annual general meeting.

If we can arrange $11.5 Million then $6 Million can be achieved from middle class real estate project.