Suzhou Mia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

MIA China Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou the most economically active city in Yangtze River Delta, and addressed in “China-Singapore SIP" an industrial park gathered many world-famous corporations. MIA China has continually introduced and developed energy-saving, environmental, healthy high-tech products. With the improvement of living standards and the increasing attention to health, MIA has been devoted to the development and production of new healthy housing products, leading a diversified production way. By far, there are over 800 healthy housing products produced by MIA, including high-tech smart nanny robots and private helicopters, etc. MIA products are quite skilled in design and quality, thus winning a great worldwide reputation. MIA Co., Ltd. has established 70+ sales centers and business agencies globally. Recently set up in Suzhou, MIA China is mainly responsible for the sales of MIA air ventilation products. MIA China is directly administered by MIA Co., Ltd. Japan while retaining its own independent financial accounting.

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Address Pu Sha Road, No.1000, Suzhou, Jiangsu 150028, China
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