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Humd Trade & Yaqteen Alakhdar

Humd Trade & Yaqteen Alakhdar LLC located in Dubai the United Arab Emirates in order to operate the business easily with my clients in all destinations around the world. We are a specialized supplier of the natural Sudanese Hibiscus Flower, Baobab, Tamarind, Gum Arabic, Acacia Gum, Sesame seeds, Peanut, Melon Seeds, Sorghum, Animal Feed & all other types of Sudanese Agricultural Products. We are always committed to the best quality & the best service with very competitive rates delivered to your preferred seaport in the globe.

Владелец магазина : Humd Trade & Yaqteen Alakhdar LLC

000000 Объединённые Арабские Эмираты Эмират Дубай Dubai Hor Alanz East, Alkazim Building, Office#119

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