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Cameroon Камерун

Сушеные какао-бобы


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Происхождение: Камерун

Great Commodity Group LTD

Great Commodity Group ltd is an international trading company; our main trading activity is Sugar, cocoa, coffee, rice, Sunflower oil, Wheat, Wheat- flour, and Hardwood charcoal, grains, edible oil, maize, fruits, minerals and metals etc. We are not limited to those as we have an experienced sourcing team to meet the needs of our customers. Our focus is to supply physical commodities at international quality standards for our clients; for us to have long term trusted business relationship. We are also engaged in renewable energy projects We work together with leading manufacturers and suppliers globally. At GCG ltd, we carefully take quality assurance into consideration with a high level of transparency and no nonsense policy:

Владелец магазина : Great Commodity Group LTD

00237 Камерун Littoral Douala Bonamoussadi

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