• Лимонная трава (цимбопогон, лемонграсс)
Лимонная трава (цимбопогон, лемонграсс)
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Лимонная трава (цимбопогон, лемонграсс)


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100% машинная очистка, отсутствие посторонних веществ

по 20 кг в полипропиленовых мешках или бумажных мешках по запросу

Caliph Trade

”Caliph trade” is based in Egypt and in several locations in Europe, we are specialised in producing and processing agricultural products for exportation such as Herbs, Spices, Seeds and Pickles etc,. Our main processing facility is located in Egypt while in Europe we have our storage facilities in Central Europe for the safe and credible distribution of our products to our European partners. We also export directly from Egypt to all markets with a long history of cooperation with markets such as North America, Australia, Far east and India etc,

Владелец магазина : Caliph Trade

1076 Венгрия H-1076 Budapest Thököly 26

Веб-сайт : www.caliphtrade.com

Телефон : Показать телефон

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