• Светодиодная панель (TUV-CE Type 295x1195x9mm)
Светодиодная панель (TUV-CE Type 295x1195x9mm)
China Китай

Светодиодная панель (TUV-CE Type 295x1195x9mm)


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Знак качества TUV, ROHS, CB, знак соответствия CE, с изолированным внешним драйвером LiFud и драйвером Philips

PF> 0,95; КПД> 0,88 до 130 лм / Вт; 5 лет гарантии

3T Japen Misubishi LGP, 3T Тайвань Chimei LGP, 2.5T Китай LGP опционально

Тайвань CHIMEI диффузор

Тайвань Lextar 2835, Китай Refond 2835, Китай Hongli 4014 опционально

Бумага Japen Refiect, Китай Отражающая бумага по желанию

Энергосберегающие и супер яркие, экономия энергии 75%

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Shenzhen Moon Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a Shenzhen based professional lighting corporation which specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing LED lighting products. ”Light Up The World” is the slogan of Moon Optoelectronics. We advocate green and low carbon life, thus we are proud of being in LED business because it will not only bring profit to our customers, but also to the environment and to our children and grandchildren living in the future. Having been in LED industry since 2010, by continuously giving sincere service, warmhearted assistance and professional consultancy, the founder of Moon Optoelectronic has established the close relationship, both in business and personal, with customers from all over the world and has acquired the good reputation in LED lighting field. We will provide strong R&D support, high-quality products and best service to our customers in the hope of enjoying together the feast of high-speed growth in LED lighting.

Владелец магазина : Shenzhen Moon Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.

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