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Cylindrical Tanker Trailers


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Width: max. 2,550 mm.
Height: max. 3,800 mm. *
Wheelbase Spacing: 1.300 ~ 1.400 mm. *
King-Pin Height: 1,250 ~ 1,350 mm. *
Empty Weight: 8,000 ~ 9,750 kg. *

Geometric Volume: 28,000 ~ 40,500 l. *
Number of Compartments: 1 ~ 11 *                              

Building Material Series: Carbon or Stainless Steel or Alloy Aluminum *
Products to Carry: Gasoline, Diesel, Jet A-1
Operating Temperature: -20 ˚C +50 ˚C

Tank Body
Standard design, cylindrical section design,
Front and rear one outer bomber, each bomber / breakwater in design standard according to the selected number of compartments,
In the tank production sector, cylindrical body structure, safe, smooth smooth surface, unique body structure,
 The slope in the frame design ensures full discharge so that no liquid remains in each compartment of the tank,
Air gap protection against expansion and overflow in accordance with standards.
Filling Line:
Filling from the bottom of the right arm according to the direction of driving with the couplings or filling from the top with the filling opening on the manhole covers,
Discharge Line:
Free discharge to the mite by means of discharge line piping on the right, according to the direction of travel, extending from the base valves to the couplings, on a slope that will not remain liquid even after discharge,
Welded manufacturing quality, imported patent elbows welded discharge pipes.

Chassis Equipment
King-Pin: ECE R 55 regulation type approved, 2 2 or 3.5 ”bottom can be removed and installed
Mechanical Legs: Trailer support legs each with double speed, 25 tons dynamic and 50 tons static load capacity
Axles: Axle set with mechanical or air suspension, drum or disc brake, each with a capacity of 9 ~ 12 tons
Wheels: 14.00 - 11.75 - 9.00 x 22.5
Tires: 425 - 385/65 R 22.5 (Single) or 31/80 R 22.5 (Double)
Braking System: EBS / ABS braking system according to ECE R 13 regulation
Electrical System: Electrical set with ADR according to ECE R 105 regulation
Buffer: suitable for ECE R 58 regulation

Painting with at least 2 layers of epoxy primer.
Topcoat IN OVEN PAINT ”application with 2 layers of acrylic paint.


Konya Lideri Trailer manufactures cement bulker, lowbed, fuel tanker, flatbed, dumper,LPG tanker and different type of semi trailers from Turkey to World. We have been manufacturing trailers since 1997. We always give importance to Research and Development to increase productivity and satisfactory of our semi trailers. In 2010 we started to manufacture cement trailer or commonly known silo trailer. After a year R & D we started to produce cement mixers.


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