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White Pepper


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White pepper is from penja Cameroon Poivre de penja. And it's the best quality in the world. We need partners buyers of our penja pepper.

African Soil

African Soil is a food processing company based in douala Cameroon, we produce process and Export both African Food and cash crops. We supply in wholesale Cocoa, coffee, banana, cow horns and hides, etc African Food Vegetables like Kork, bitter leaves, Cassava leaves, folere leaves, Folon, etc Bobolo, chikwangue, Miondo , Cassava flour kumkum safu Spices also like Poivre blanc et noir, njangsang, rondelle, cluende jiroff pebe bitter Kola etc We provide services also like Transit, clearing and forwarding by air and sea. Representation and distribution of foreign brands in Cameroon and cemac.

Shop owner : African Soil

00237 Cameroon Littoral Douala Cameroun Douala Bonaberi

Website : www.afrocameroon.cm

Phone : Show phone number

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