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Dacron Rope is one of the most popular types of twisted products with increased breaking load, which are composed of long fibers with a large thickness. These ropes are made with polyester fiber. The melting point of the material is 260 ° C. The main difference between mylar ropes is resistance to the destructive effects of the environment, which can significantly extend the service of the ropes and at the same time maintain a very good strength of the product. Unlike polyamide ropes, the proposed type of products in the wet state remains as flexible and soft, having low tensile under load.

The raw material for the production of Dacron Rope is polyester fiber with a density of 1.38 g / cm3, known in the world under the following names: lavsan, terylene, dacron, tetron, elana, tergal, tesil.

Dacron Rope is characterized by resistance to climatic conditions (excellent resistance to UV radiation), very good strength and resistance to abrasion. Thanks to the materials and technologies used, the polyester rope has a very long service life and is practically not affected by the environment: water, sun; does not rot and does not collect water. Unlike polyamide ropes, they are flexible and soft when wet, and also have low tensile under load. Disadvantages: Average electrification, instability to the action of concentrated and hot alkalis.


These ropes are very well suited for use in the field of water sports, yachting, shipping (for equipping ships of the sea and river fleet), fishing and the production of sports equipment.


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