• Face and Body Moisturizing Gel
  • Face and Body Moisturizing Gel
Face and Body Moisturizing Gel Face and Body Moisturizing Gel
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Face and Body Moisturizing Gel "Snail Soothing Gel"

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Moisturizing gel with snail mucin is a universal remedy and is ideal for daily face and body care. It protects the skin, deeply nourishes, restores elasticity, eliminates wrinkles and refreshes the skin. It has a rejuvenating effect. It prevents the appearance of acne and inflammation. it does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin. It contains no parabens, dyes or mineral oils.
1. As a skin freshener. Restores elasticity, eliminates sagging skin.
2. As an anti-aging cream for daily use.
3. As a nutritional base for makeup.
4. As a restorative mask for hair and scalp: just apply the gel on the hair, gently rub into the skin and rinse off after 10 minutes.
Composition: distilled water, snail mucin filtrate, glycerin, propylene glycol, carbomer, triethanolamine, PEG-40 castor oil, perfume.
Jar: 300 g
Production: Japan

Standard box of goods:
Capacity: 30 units
Dimensions (mm): D530 x Sh330 x V130
Weight: 10 kg
Volume of one box (m3): 0.023
In 1m3: 44 boxes (440 kg)

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