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The list of services under a subscription legal service contract:

- Legal advice on all legal issues of the organization;
- Representation of interests and participation in negotiations with contractors and partners;
- Legal support of transactions;
- Representation of interests in state bodies;
- Preparation of written legal opinions on the financial and economic activities of the organization;
- Verification and legal analysis of all legal documentation, including constituent documents;
- Conducting personnel records management, conclusion and termination of employment contracts;
- Contractual and contractual work, drawing up protocols of disagreements. Issuance of recommendations on amendments to concluded agreements, coordination, assessment of legal risks;
- Legal support for registration of legal entities, their representative offices, as well as changes to constituent documents;
- Registration of trademarks, patents, copyrights, intellectual property.
- Legal assistance in obtaining licenses, certificates, permits. Joining the SRO.
- Assessment of the prospects of the trial, with the issuance of a written opinion;
- Claim work.
- Pre-trial settlement of disputes;
- Representation of interests in court, full jurisdiction.


Мы считаем, что опыт и знания юриста всегда идут рука об руку с личным участием в проблемах клиента. А профессионализм всегда должен сочетаться со стратегическим видением ситуации. Наша миссия - сделать закон и Ваши права максимально понятными для Вас. Наш успех - достижение Ваших целей. Юристы и адвокаты юридической фирмы «Легисперити» всегда вместе с Вами. Нам не все равно.

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