• Trademark Registration (Logo/Name/Brand/Corporate Identity)
Trademark Registration (Logo/Name/Brand/Corporate Identity)
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Trademark Registration (Logo/Name/Brand/Corporate Identity)


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The Comfort service includes:

- Classification of your activities according to the International Classification of Goods and Services, necessary for the further registration of your terms of reference; - Calculation of all state duties and tariffs for further registration of technical specifications; - Oral consultations on the protection of intellectual property (by phone or at the office of the company); - Preliminary check of your terms of reference against full paid databases of the Federal Institute of Industrial Property; - Legal analysis of your technical task; - Final examination of your technical task; - Written recommendations on changing the terms of reference or its individual elements (if necessary) for the further possibility of its registration; - Extended information and advisory support at all stages of registration of technical specifications; - Preparation of all documents for the registration of your technical assignment; - Notifying you of all stages of registration of technical specifications with a written report from an expert; - Personal transfer of documents for registration of your technical assignment to the employees of the registering authority; - Execution of documents for the issuance of a Certificate of technical assignment after a positive decision on its registration by the employees of the registering authority; - Receipt and transfer of a certificate for your technical assignment, including courier delivery to any region; - Finalization of the technical assignment (if necessary, bringing the technical assignment in accordance with the requirements of the law); - Conducting all stages of office work, including responses to possible requests from the registering authority.

In addition, mandatory state fees are paid for registering a mark. (all fees are subject to a 30% discount from the total amount for electronic submission of documents).

Защита интеллектуальной собственности/регистрация товарных знаков

Бесплатно проверьте, действительно ли Ваш бренд всё еще Ваш! Всего за 1 день вы узнаете: -свободно ли Ваше название -если нет, кому принадлежит и что с этим делать -что необходимо сделать, чтобы успешно пройти регистрацию и защитить свой бренд от копирования С нами вы можете: -Защитить свой бренд от копирования и кражи -Зарегистрировать свой товарный знак по Мадридской системе -Защитить авторский контент, фирменный стиль, удалить курсы со складчин

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