• Integrated Environmental Permission
Integrated Environmental Permission
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Integrated Environmental Permission

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Who needs an Integrated Environmental Permission (IEP)?

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who conduct activities at the facilities of the 1st category of IEEE.

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who work at the facilities of the II category of IEEE can also get IEDs if they have the best available technologies (BAT) in their industry information and technical guides.


What does IEP consist of?

technological standards;

standards for permissible emissions, discharges of highly toxic substances, substances with carcinogenic, mutagenic properties (substances of I, II hazard class), in the presence of such substances in emissions and discharges;

standards of permissible physical effects;

waste generation standards and limits for their disposal;

requirements for the treatment of production and consumption waste;

an agreed program of industrial environmental control;

the duration of the integrated environmental permit.

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