• Compressors PK-1.75A; PC-3,5A; PK-5.25A
Compressors PK-1.75A; PC-3,5A; PK-5.25A
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Compressors PK-1.75A; PC-3,5A; PK-5.25A


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The PK series piston compressor units are universal equipment for compressed air supply, which is used:

in industry - for driving pneumatic tools and mechanisms;

in transport - to create pressure in the lines of brake and pneumatic systems of rolling stock.

The air-cooled two-stage compressor PK-5.25 MPS differs from other models of the series by its high capacity (5.25 m³ / min) and power consumption (33 kW). The installation creates operating pressure in systems from 7 to 9 kgf / cm². Design differences from the "younger" models are the presence of six cylinders with a V-shaped arrangement. The compressor is equipped with a tubular refrigerator for intermediate cooling of compressed air. The unit is driven by an electric motor or diesel locomotive through an elastic coupling.

Проектирование, Производство, Реализация промышленного оборудования и запасных частей

Реализуем компрессора типа ПК-1,75А; ПК-3,5А; ПК-5,25А, КТ-6, КТ-7, КТ-6 Эл Насос шестеренный П6-ППВ для вязких жидкостей

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