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Gypsum Boards buy wholesale - company прим | Russia
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Gypsum board (GSP) is one of the "youngest" products of the Peshelan gypsum plant. Plates, which have no analogues in Russia, appeared on the domestic market in 2010. Throughout the history of its application, GSP has confidently entered the list of the best sheet building materials.

With the help of this high-tech material, leveling, facing of vertical and horizontal surfaces, arrangement of prefabricated floor screeds is carried out. GSP is distinguished by its high bending strength, which makes it possible to carry out constructive solutions of various complexity with its help.

The structure of "GSP-Peshelan" includes wood reinforcing shavings, water and gypsum. On the website of our company you can profitably buy gypsum board - a modern innovative material.

IMPORTANT! Gypsum board surpasses gypsum fiber and drywall in many technical parameters.