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Hydrofluoric Acid  buy wholesale - company АО
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АО "Ульбинский металлургический завод "

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Hydrofluoric acid (ST RK 2503-2014) - is used in the chemical industry to obtain fluorine-containing compounds, reagents; in the electronic industry it is used in semiconductor technology; in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy during etching of steel and non-ferrous metals, cleaning castings from foundry sand; in the nuclear industry - for the production of uranium fluorides - in the enrichment and regeneration of nuclear fuel; in acid treatment of oil wellbores in order to increase oil recovery; in the production of enamels to lower melting and pigmentation temperatures, as well as in the production of fluoride salts. In addition, it is used in the glass industry to apply drawings, inscriptions, etching and chemical polishing of glass and crystal products to glass products.
Transportation is carried out in tanks.

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