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Jerusalem Artichoke Syrup buy wholesale - company
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"Дары Памира"

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This category of products is very popular among supporters of a healthy diet, and especially those who monitor blood sugar levels. Due to its unique properties, Jerusalem artichoke began to be used in the manufacture of not only useful products for everyday consumption, but also medicinal products in various forms. Here you will find Jerusalem artichoke products that are the most demanded on the healthy food market: syrups, candied fruits, powders. All product categories SUGAR FREE!

Jerusalem artichoke products improve the metabolism and reproductive properties of the body, promote the growth and repair of tissue cells, blood vessels, bones, teeth, improve skin, nail health, hair growth, help generate energy for optimal blood circulation to the heart, and do much more for overall health.

Useful properties of Jerusalem artichoke:

It is rich in inulin, especially valuable for patients with diabetes mellitus: it reduces the need for insulin preparations, stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Immunostimulating effect: increases efficiency, vitality of the body in an unfavorable ecological environment

Promotes the restoration of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as with manifestations of dysbiosis.

Can be used as a sweetener.

It is a prebiotic.