• International Road Freight Transportation
International Road Freight Transportation
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International Road Freight Transportation


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Road Freight Transportation  is the foundation of Blitz Logistics. For several years now we have been engaged in road transport of goods in international traffic.

Road transport is the best among the ways of transporting goods between countries of the same continent, since it eliminates the need for intermediate unloading and loading. In terms of the ratio of the speed of delivery of goods and the cost of its transportation, trucking is the golden mean between other types of cargo transportation. Road transport is much cheaper for air transportation, and much faster than sea transportation. These advantages are the basis for the demand for road transport of goods. Automobile transportation of goods in Europe, Asia and the CIS

International road transport of goods between countries of Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the countries of the CIS and Central Asia

Years of experience of the company and the presence of our own fleet of vehicles allows us to guarantee the speed and reliability of the delivery of your goods to the destination exactly by the appointed time!

Call and consult our managers who will answer all your questions regarding cargo transportation. Leave a request for calculating the cost of transportation of goods and get the best price and the most optimal transportation route.

Blitz Logistics

ТОО «Blitz Logistics» имеет более 10 лет опыта работы в сфере транспортно-экспедиторских услуг в области внутренних и международных грузоперевозок. За это время мы достигли больших успехов и получили огромный опыт, которой является основной частью качественного сервиса. У нас появилось достаточно много постоянных клиентов, которые всегда остаются довольными нашими результатом.

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