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As practice shows, many transport documents for goods arriving from Southeast Asia contain a number of inaccuracies and errors. This problem is especially relevant for groupage cargo from many suppliers or when working with lesser-known manufacturers. Customers of the Greenway customs broker can use the services of two own warehouses located outside the Russian Federation, in Kotka (Finland) and Hamburg (Germany). Such goods can be sorted and checked for compliance with transport documents upon receipt at a European warehouse. If necessary, the Greenway personal manager will prepare new transport documents for the client in full accordance with the requirements of the Russian customs and will formulate a delivery in accordance with these documents. At Greenway’s warehouses, customers are able to re-arrange cargo and deliver according to their own commercial priorities.
It is convenient for many Greenway customers to store their inventories outside of Russia, which allows not only to avoid risks, but also reduce storage costs by one and a half to two times. In the European warehouse, goods can be assembled from different deliveries, labeled and placed on pallets in such a way as to ensure the optimal logistics scheme for delivery to retail outlets.
Due to the presence of warehouses in Kotka or in Hamburg, the Greenway customs broker is able to unload technological equipment, sort, form a description, take photos and prepare documents for each cargo unit for unhindered customs control upon arrival of equipment in Russia.
Greenway customers also have the opportunity to use the services of warehouses in Moscow.


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