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Country: Turkey

City: İstanbul

Phone: +90 543 228 9735

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We are TR Porter Logistics company. TR Porter logistics is a supply finder and forwarder company.. We are working with amazon.com FBA and AliBaba.com. We will transport and find the product for you at lowest prices in Turkey. We will assist you throughout the process. We are blue line transporters that our products of transportation are untouched throughout the journey. Step 1: FIND THE PRODUCT We will find you the product you need with the price you need.(WITHOUT COMMISSION!) Step 2: STORAGE IT! We will keep the inventory for your products. We will keep your product in our warehousing facilities. Step 3: PREPARE FOR SHIPPING We will package your product with legal requirements of destination. We will prepare the bills of lading and all the paperworks for you. We will put your product in our premium quality boxes ready to ship. Step 4: TRANSPORTATION We will be together with your product until its reach to your destination. Whether it's on land, sea or air, TR Porter gives full customer support. Step 5: KNOCK-KNOCK Once you have your product safely, we don’t want our relationship to fade away. We would like to be close to you on your journey!